Slipstream: Singularity

350 years have passed since the first and only mission beyond Human Occupied Space was launched. In search of the alien intelligence that sent such wondrous knowledge back to Earth, the Odyssey mission was lost.
Now, denied their own home world by the rebellion of their own children creations, the Synthetics, humanity has become a race of despots and wanderers that meander through the stars, eking out an existence.

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Bad Dog

13th Jun 2016, 12:33 AM

The large delay in page posting has been due to my distraction with working on a Patreon project, I have put up a page with the intention of montly or bi-monthly comic releases in a range of stories. Some Patrons will also have the option to receive a print version of the work along side the digital one.

My page is here:

Currently I have this comic and Shadowborne Pariah available for digital download. The other Slipstream comic will become available, and I have two others in the works as it is.

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